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PLP Leader: Allegation Of CIA Connection Designed To Silence Me

By Dach Agoth Mayen

Peter Mayen Majoongdit

The Chairman of People’s Liberal Party (PLP) Peter Mayen Majoongdit has denied links with any foreign intelligence with intention to destabilize the country.

Majongdit was reacting to story published on Wednesday by Dawn newspaper alleging his connection with the American Central intelligence Agency (CIA) with intention to overthrow the government.

“Basically I am denying all the allegations labeled against me whatsoever the case may be. I have no link with any external body; I have no link with CIA. I am a politician with a political ideology which I believe in” Mayen told The Nation Mirror yesterday.  The opposition leader said he will never be part of any military that takes over the government and that he believes in democracy with its principle.

Mayen affirmed that he is an opposition politician but that his opposition is people centered which speaks and advocate for issues affecting the people such as nepotism, tribalism, corruption and sectarianism. He added that such allegations were actually meant or designed to silence him from the 2018 elections. He said he has no intention whatsoever to engage with anybody whose agenda is violence, but stressed that South Sudan is not an island but part of the global community which has to believe in peace with their neighbors and international community. He added that the country’s foreign policy should be based on mutual interest of two countries, noting that he has nothing with American people or any other people working against the government and people.

“I am going to aspire for the country’s leadership and therefore my aspiration to the country’s leadership don’t believe that I will come through a military means but I believe as long as I continue as people’s centered opposition my people of South Sudan will set me to power and there is no question about that” he stressed. He wondered the intention of those who designed the alleged documents and urged them to stop such baseless and unfounded allegations and that it will never help anybody.

Mayen described himself as person who has no privacy, noting that whatever he says in the public is the same. “I am always simple where I am found and I have no such kind of intention” he said. The Dawn Newspaper published series of documents on Wednesday purportedly from CIA exposing alleged deals to destabilize the government with the intention to change the regime. In response, the US government described the published documents as “fabricated” and that the whole information was false. “No editor or journalist at The Dawn sought U.S. Embassy views prior to publication and when the U.S. Embassy sought to correct the record July 27, the editor declined to speak with us” US Embassy said in a statement.

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