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Caretaker Government Suits South Sudan Context - Dr. Miamingi & Dr. De’Agoot

 By Emmanuel Thon

One of the SPLM senior politicians and an International Human Rights Lawyer called for a formation of Caretaker Government that would exclude Dr. Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir Mayardit. The authors, Dr. Majak De’Agoot and Dr. Remember Miamingi said, they arrived to the conclusion after Kiir and Machar failed to demonstrate their respective ability to put the nation above themselves. “The caretaker government should clearly exclude both Kiir and Machar, who have proven themselves incapable of transforming themselves into statesmen and civic leaders”, read part of the document.

Dr. Miamingi, International Human Right Lawyer

The two PhD personalities argued in their document that “The reality at the moment is that South Sudan has already relapsed into civil war”, they expressed in an Op-Ed. Majak and Miamingi believe the planned deployment of UN Protection Force to South Sudan should be based on restructuring ailing Peace Agreement signed August between SPLM in Government, SPLM in Opposition, SPLM Leaders, and other political parties. “The deployment of a regional protection force under the UN peacekeeping mission should be premised on allowing for the political reengineering of the fractured deal under a new architecture of a caretaker administration agreed to by all stakeholders, including faith-based and civil society groups”, they argued.


According to Dr. Majak and Dr. Remember, the features of the Caretaker Government they proposed would comprise of people of “honesty and integrity” and technocrats and public figures who will be subjected to thorough vetting against the background checks. 


“The caretaker government should be comprised of public personalities and technocrats who are rigorously vetted for honesty and integrity”, read part of their document. The duo wants the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission tasked with overseeing implementation of the agreement assist the Caretaker Government to implement peace agreement.

   Majak DeAgoot
Dr. Majak De'Agoot, SPLM Senior Politician

Dr. Mianingi and Dr. Majak also expressed opposition to a proposed Trusteeship or Temporal UN Administration proposed by some quarters involved in the debate on how to help South Sudan. According to a joint written document by Dr. De’Agoot and Dr. Miamingi, Caretaker Government would fit the South Sudan context well. “This path better suits South Sudan than outright trusteeship or temporary UN administration”, read part of their document. De’Agoot and Miamingi said both Kiir and Machar have been “accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity” by different impartial UN and African Union findings. In a recent BBC interview former Botswana president, Festus Mugaewho head the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) said both Kiir and Machar are “two men whose the sight of each other is provocative and can cause carnage”. Adding, “They are totally indifferent to the plight of the people they purport to lead”, read part of their document.

 See details on their Op-Ed on Opinion page 


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